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While we still allow submitters to model items from these places, we don’t actively promote them, and offer the following disclaimers:

Abercrombie & Fitch/ Hollister/Gilly Hicks): Abercrombie & Fitch actively discriminates based on class, size, and appearance. For similar brands, try Aéropostale and American Eagle Outfitters. (Read more here)

Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie: Urban Outfitters, Inc. donates money to anti-gay campaigns. Buffalo Exchange is a great hipster Alternative. (Read more here)

Saks Fifth Avenue: Saks Fifth Avenue actively discriminates against trans employees (read more here)

Salvation Army: Fires employees for being gay and uses anti-gay hate speech (Read more here)

Would you like to add other companies to this list or offer healthier shopping alternatives? Let us know!