Dismantle Me

Dismantle Me is a fashion line designed and directed by Rupi and curated by Sonny that Qwear presented across the United States. Dismantle Me documented the vibrant interaction between traditional fashion aesthetic and the queer experience.

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We crafted a theme using the repetition of textiles, which challenged race, gender, and white privilege. We then applied these themes to the unique gender performances of our 13 queer models. 


Our apparel designs combined the historical dress of Rupi’s Scottish and Trinidadian roots. We challenged race relations by combining bandanas (referencing its use in race riots and groups (BLA) throughout American history), with items that symbolize white privilege and class, like tartan and preppy plaid button-ups. We embraced the androgynous feel of apparel born from the American hip-hop style and challenged the traditional gender-norms of the kilt and class of the Royal Stuart tartan.

At Rainbow Fashion Week, we received additional clothing from Topman to update the looks, and added a design by Qwear writer, Courtney Stirn.

Irene Tu modeling shirt design by Courtney Stirn and Topman St

At the ICA in Boston, we showcased 3 designs as part of VERGE.

  Photo by Alli Gofman

Photo by Alli Gofman




Presented In: 

VERGE at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Fashion Week, October 2015
Queer Fashion Week, Oakland, April 2015
Rainbow Fashion Week, New York, June 2015