10 Queer Fashion Related Things to Make You Smile

I’m on lockdown right now due to some marathon bomber being armed and on the loose.

I’ve been inspired by Buzzfeed’s happy lists. So I thought I’d make my own, equipped with news about the Clintons!

1. This person has a tie and a bling necklace on AT THE SAME TIME

(from: www.dapperq.com)

2. Just look AT THAT FACE!


(from: leeoliveira.com)

3. Shopbop has a “Crepe Femme Dress.” Let’s just pretend they intended it for the queers.


4. Smiling yet? This hair:


(from: loveisthelawmag.com)

5. Okay, how about the most adorable tomboy-femme couple everrr??


(from: fitforafemme.com)

6. Adorable person I do not know:


Anyone know who this is or where this picture comes from? Cause I don’t!

7. dapperQ has a mysterious commentator under the name “Hillary Cli*ton,” who references Hillary’s exact whereabouts in her comments. 


(From here)

8. We take fashion very seriously:


(from: dailypictur.es)

9. Let’s not forget what The Handsome Butch and Bill Clinton have in common!


(from: thehandsomebutch.tumblr.com)

10. Ellen and Portia get hotter and more fashionable by the minute:


(from: http://nattyv.tumblr.com)

Hang in there, Boston! Got anything to add? Comment! 

As Qwear's Founding Editor, Sonny’s work centers around envisioning a future in which the clothing people wear does not dictate their chances of survival. Sonny was awarded 2015 dapperQ of the Year and was the first trans blogger to be sponsored by Topman. In March 2016, Sonny spoke at South by South West's first official queer fashion panel.