12 Gifts under $20 for the Style Oriented Queer

The Qwears in our lives deserve something nice for the holidays. Luckily I've been able to snag some great deals on presents under 20$. Hope to have a little something for everyone here.

1. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

For the dappers who need their hair to stay in place. $20 at ASOS

2. The Cotton Heather Pocket Everlane Tee

This tee-shirt is made in the US with 100% cotton. Everlane garnetees high quality. Get them a size up to keep them extra cozy in the winter. Order at Everlane for $18. Also available in women's styles.

3. Topman Navy Leather Look Wallet

If you noticed that your friend or loved one needs a new wallet, give them something to keep them suave. 

$20 at Topman

4. LUSH Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm

Winter is notorious for drying out your skin. Don't let that happen to those you care about. This LUSH product is vegan and environmentally friendly.

$14.95 at LUSH

5. Uniqlo Room Shoes

Nothing gives you a warmer feeling than having a nice pair of shoes to slip into just when you wake up. 

$14.90 at Uniqlo

6. ASOS Cube & Triangle Stud Earring Pack

These gold gems are pretty cute and can help complete their New Years ensemble. $6.00 at ASOS.

7. Uniqlo 3-pack Socks

Speaking from experience, you can never have too many socks. NEVER.

$12.90 at Uniqlo

8. Hardball Gogo Underwear Set from Ginch Gonch

This is one of many super cute and unique underwear designs from Ginch Gonch.

$16.99 at Ginch Gonch.

9. Commando at Bluestockings Boutique

It's the gift your femme didn't realize how much she needed. This purse-ready book of clear double stick tape can fix any wardrobe malfunction, from fallen hems to slouchy crop tops. Bluestockings is a queer-run independent boutique.

$9 at Bluestockings Boutique.

10. New Look Joggers

They are both comfy around the house and good looking when you go out.

$18.50 at ASOS.

11. ASOS Rectangle Buckle Detail Waist And Hip Belt

This belt is so cute. The lucky owner can wear it around a long shirt or dress, or however they see fit. 

$12.50 at ASOS.

12. Topman Bolo Bow Tie Necklace

Help your friend mix up their neckwear game with this stylish bolo tie.

$16.80 at Topman.


Happy shopping!