Style Profile: Xanh Tran, San Jose, CA

Like many of my favorite fashionistas, I discovered Xanh Tran on Tumblr and I've been hooked ever since.

From snapbacks to New Balance sneakers to beautiful maroon palettes, Melles is not only an expert at palette and texture combinations, but at blending in with the surrounding scene. Kudos to Melles' photographer Kristine Lee, whose perspective and framing choices make the outfits and scenes blend together in beautiful synergy. 

Where did you grow up & where do you live now?

I am born and raised from the Bay Area. San Jose, CA is my hometown and where I currently reside. Where I am really influences how I dress. When I was in Davis finishing up my undergraduate degree, I was influenced by folks that were hippie and the crowd that were into streetwear. So I had a mix of wearing rope sandals with socks and Nike Flyknit Trainers without socks.

How do you think your friends would define your style?

I think most would say something along the lines of hipster and masculine. Generally, I dress very practical and comfortable according the season and occasion. I'm most comfortable in gender neutral and androgynous attire.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?  

One thing I wear year round for many occasions would have to be the Uniqlo Oxford. It has a great price point, it comes in multiple colors, and it comes in pinstripe version as well. I like how I can wear it with chinos to hang out with friends but also tuck it in with slacks to wear for a night out. 

What’s your biggest style challenge?  

My biggest style challenge would have to be finding the clothing that fits my body and size without spending a lot. Sometimes I'm in the boys' sale section grabbing the XL. Men's clothing is either too big or too long on me while the boy's clothing may be too small for me. Then it's difficult looking for gender neutral clothing and styles in the women's section.

Who’s your style icon?

I'm more influenced by blogs instead of icons like Street Etiquette, TSBMen, dapperQ, Qwear (of course) to name a few. 

Look 1:
White Henley: Arizona Men
Olive Chino Shorts: Uniqlo Women
Sneakers: Air Jordan Bred 1
Watch: Casio
Tote Bag: Fleabags

Look 2:
Herringbone Blazer: H&M Women
Chambray Shirt: Naked & Famous
Herringbone Tie: Uniqlo
Navy Slacks: H&M Women
Wingtip Oxfords: Allen Edmonds

Look 3:
Striped Flannel: No Name Brand (thrifted)
Denim Vest: Gap (thrifted)
Olive Chinos: Uniqlo Women
Socks: Uniqlo Men
Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Trainer
Tote Bag: Fleabags

Photo credit: second outfit by Melles' brother, first and third by Kristine Lee