Treat Yourself with Topman

Around this time of year, I notice that everyone around me (myself included) is really starting to wear down. Being a working graduate student, I have spent September  December fielding calls, planning events, taking classes, writing papers, attending meetings and ... you know, just listing them off makes me tired. Quite honestly I'm exhausted and am in need of some R&R. Topman was kind enough to send me a few things to help me with my "me time."

These Topman drop crotch joggers are my new saving grace. They are incredibly comfortable and I may or not be wearing them right now. The style and cut of the joggers separate them from your average sweatpants and take you from scrub-a-dub to hub-a-hub. 

I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan but don't love t-shirts, this t-shirt/bomber jacket combo really elevates an old classic while keeping the same old comfort you know and love. I don't just want to be comfortable, I want to look good so that I can feel good. I want it all and with this outfit, I got it! 

Shop Topman for all your R&R needs: 

Stay comfy my friends. 

Bing is 5'7" and wears a Men's Small at Topman. 

This post is brought to you by Topman. Read about their sponsorship here.