Qweary: Soft Butch Jewelry and Accessories

thenoisyconfusionoflife asked: "I've been been exploring my gender identity for about a year now and I'm loving it!

"I feel most comfortable in the masculine of center/soft butch/androgynous look. However I really miss accessorizing my look with jewelry. Do you have any ideas on how to keep my soft butch look while getting to accessorize? I love cuff links but most of my shirts have button cuffs and I also think bow ties are amazing! Thanks!"

Topman has really awesome men’s jewelry. As for general masculine of center accessory options, there’s a new trend with collar tips, which is a great way to blingify your standard button up shirt. Pocket squares or handkerchiefs can be found at pretty much any thrift store as well as Topman or most traditional menswear outfitters. 

Silver Bird Wing Collar Clip Chain: Dapper and Swag Etsy store

Silver Bird Wing Collar Clip Chain: Dapper and Swag Etsy store

That pop of color from a printed hankie just jazzes up any outfit, and if you make your own you can choose your favorite soft butch print. I’d also check out Etsy if you’re into handmade artist accessories (I know I am).

Bow ties are totally my jam! My favorites are from The Cordial Churchman, but they are a bit expensive -- so you can find lots of other options for much cheaper at thetiebar.com.

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