Qweary: Velvet Green Blazer Outfit

Anonymous asked: "I have a bottle green velvet blazer - but I'm not sure what shirt/tie/trousers combination would go with it. Any suggestions? The colour is kind of hard to co-ordinate with."

It CAN be tricky, especially because the combination of such a rich color with a luxe texture like velvet is going to make it feel pretty dressy. For color conundrums, an online color tool like this one can be helpful in providing inspiration. It might feel a little technical but once you get the hang of it, the palettes will guide your eye in your closet and you can start experimenting:  


Hey, look at that! Your bottle green plays nice with monochromatic blacks, grays, spearmint and white. Feeling a little bolder now?  


Try burgundy, eggplant, and forest green. Shirts in more casual materials and soft, washed out colors will help tone down the fanciness of the blazer, and so will selecting a crisp chino over a traditional slack or trouser, or even a pair of sharp wool shorts!


I'm excited for your outfit possibilities - hope this helps you see the color in your closet in a whole new light!



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