Qweary: Skater Style

Anonymous asked: "Any advice for a skater look that goes beyond a nice tee and jeans?"

Lucky for you, skater style is in right now, characterized by sportswear shapes, pops of neon, boxy tees, shorts, baggy silhouettes, hoodies, athletic sneakers, and bold logos. Having no information about your gender identity, I've collected a few looks I love that I believe fall under the skater category but are more creative than a T-shirt and jeans. I hope this sparks some inspiration! 

For brands, I recommend athletic brands like Vans, PacSun, and Adidas, and fashion brands with a dedication to streetstyle like Topman*, Topshop, and ASOS. I love Topman's Techno Mono collection, which takes inspiration from skater subculture, infusing a black and white palette with pops of color. You can read more about here and shop the collection here. Topman's sister brand Topshop has the skate away section, featuring oversized checked shirts to slogan sweaters and laid-back denim.  ASOS has a section of street styles, which includes skater looks.

 from:  soletopia.com
 From: http://tokyofashion.com/harajuku-skateboard-girls-in-adidas-superstar-2-vans-sneakers/

From: http://tokyofashion.com/harajuku-skateboard-girls-in-adidas-superstar-2-vans-sneakers/

 From:  weheartit.com

Any other skater looks you love? Post them in the comments.

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