Qwear Conversations: Monochromatic Style with Bing and Sean

Bing and Sean met up in person for the first time last month, and they decided to share a conversation they had with us about their love of monochromatic style.

Sean: True to form (that is, my love of basics), I mainly do black/grey and blue monochromatic styles, but I’ve definitely fallen in love with friends' monochromatic looks from red to yellow to white. (I’m just not swag enough to pull those off...yet.)

Bing: Ooh, I’d have to say that I like to go a little more out there with my color choices! Blue is definitely easier to do and a favorite but, I love to mix various greens, reds, purples, and whites together to create a dimensional and complimentary look.

Sean: I mean, obviously. Colors are more dandy and fabulous. These days, I’m more into muted palettes. Chicago, I blame you. The first thing I think of when putting together a monochromatic outfit is texture. Do I want to wear jeans or chinos? Sweater or collared shirt? Jean jacket or blazer? With a monochromatic outfit, texture is what speaks and makes the outfit look planned but not overly matchy-matchy. 

Bing and Sean

Bing: Ha! I think I start out the exact opposite way, I usually think of what color I’m feeling. Yellow? Too bright? Green? Too leprauchan-esque? You know, and then I collect everything I own of that color and start piecing it together. My bed is currently covered in blue clothing…

Sean: For example, today I went for denim - but with different shades and textures. I wore raw denim pants, a chambray shirt, and a denim jacket. Listen, I know this is, like, the queerest outfit ever, but I love it.

Bing: Points for that! I wanted to do a blue look as well but for me, I wanted to keep it very similar in shade. I wanted a deep indigo pant, a navy blue shirt, and a slightly darker navy blue tie. I love monochromatic fashion because of the dimension it brings to an ensemble. Utilizing one color draws in the eye in. Rather than looking at the outfit holistically, the viewer notices each piece as a hidden cog in the machine.

Bing and Sean

Sean: To be honest, I like your outfit more than my own, but I wouldn’t necessarily wear yours. I’m just more attracted to the silhouette, I guess.

Sean: But the reason I think this outfit worked was because I layered denim with contrasting pieces that worked well together texturally.

Bing: I agree with you there, contrasting pieces are also a great challenge of monochromatic looks as well!

Bing: I don’t know if you’ve noticedbut monochromatic fashion has really taken off on the red carpet, runway and in day-o-day celebrity looks such as: Nadia Aboulhosn’s crimson look, Micah Gianneli’s casual monochrome, and even Janelle Monae’s flawless white ensemble.


Bing and Sean1.jpg

Long story-short. We are fans and want to hear what you like or dislike about monochromatic fashion! 

If you saw us wearing something you like, here’s where we got them!

Sean's outfit:
Canvas Chambray Shirt: Lands End (thrifted)
Cardigan: H&M (Thrifted)
Field Jacket: J.Crew (Thrifted)
Jeans: United Raw Denim (Boutique Store)
Boots: Red Wings Heritage Collection (Thrifted)
Jean Jacket: Levi's (Thrifted)

Bing's Outfit:
Navy Dress Shirt: Express 1MX
Navy Tie: Thrifted
Indigo Skinny Fit Pants: The Gap
Chestnut Leather Wingtip Oxfords: Franco Sarto