Sass, Southwest, and Size

A few weeks ago, Sonny asked if I would be interested in submitting a blog post and of course I said, YES! A Qwear reader recently asked if there could be a bit more femme representation, so here you go, dear reader!

While preparing to write this blog post I kept thinking about the “what” and the “why for writing this particular post. As I began working on this concept of bridging my personal and fashion related journey from Maine to New Mexico, I realized there had to be more to it for me. Beyond showcasing the femme fashion that I wanted to express, I also felt it important to share the premise with which I view the world. Anybody who knows me knows that I view the world through a lens of how to work through the injustices or inequities that make up our world.  I am fortunate enough that my work consists of daily dialogue with youth on gender equality, femme invisibility, trans* justice and all that can go under the umbrella of race and oppression.

When I came across this interview between Mindy Kaling on the Jimmy Kimmel show, I decided that I wanted to acknowledge not only being femme, but also my body size. Therefore, I chose to include pictures that do not attempt to hide or cover up the elements of my body that mainstream society and fashion blogs have informed me personally that they would not be able to print. Interestingly enough, before this interview I had read Nicollete Mason’s interview in the Huffington Post and felt that this subject is all too timely to be omitted. Body size does not determine beauty!

I want to share my most recent southwest femme style, don’t get me wrong. However, I also want to give myself the opportunity to be seen in a notable queer fashion blog with all of me present.  So, here is my contribution!  

Sunglasses:  Ray Bans
Crop top:  Target
Jogger pants:  H&M
Shoes:  Kenneth Cole

Jewelry:  Lauren Wolf , Vintage Onyx ring from a boutique in Madrid, NM, and bison horn bracelet from a boutique in Santa Fe, NM.


Shirt:  Raining Jane T-shirt and a Marden’s buffalo plaid flannel.

I chose to keep my hair in a messy bun. I tend to walk around with the messiest buns around and then take it out when I go out at night! It’s the best way to get beach waves. My other hair secret includes PERMS, but that is a whole other blog post!


Jewelery:  The Lost Cowboy in Santa Fe, NM

Black dress: Target
Boots: The Boot Barn
Hat:  Flea Market in Santa Fe, NM


Spiral Cuff:  The Lost Cowboy in Santa Fe, NM
Ring:  Lauren Wolf Duzy Ring

Here are a couple of style boards for your perusal! Both are inspired by my outfits.

These shots were taken in various places around New Mexico.  Whether it be the Tesuque Village Market or The Lost Cowboy Tattoo shop, I am continuously being inspired by the expansive sky and funky artistic corners.  All the shots were taken by Brandi Brussel, a local wanderer and photographer in Santa Fe.

By Guest Blogger, LuzMarina Serrano  

LuzMarina Serrano's work has included everything from being a migrant farmworker advocate to the present day involvement with the New Mexico GSA Network. You can check out her stylist work in Jack Tar 207.