Qweary: Femme Graduation Attire

Anonymous asked: "I am going to be delivering a thesis defense as well as graduating from college in May.

"All my straight girlfriends are shopping for dresses for graduation. I myself am femme; however, 1) almost never wear dresses and 2) have a naturally athletic/not-curvy bod. I would like to look formal for my defense and for gradation while still appearing very femme. I was already thinking "play up accessories": towering heels, long earrings, hair down and curled. The idea to wear a suit crossed my mind but I have very broad shoulders and don't naturally have a curvy body so am thinking I will still lean on the masculine side if I go this route. This isn't INCREDIBLY formal but I would like to look nice and feminine while still giving off an air of authority (defending a thesis). I'd appreciate any guidance your could give."  

Shop Jumpsuits:

Congratulations, you lucky devil! You sound like one tough cookie, and my kind of femme you know exactly what you want, you just need help hunting it down. Here's the deal: You need a jumpsuit, and I say you're lucky because they are having quite the moment. My most stylish girlfriends, who were climbing the walls back in February, were on the hunt for theirs before you could spell out s-p-r-i-n-g. It takes the feminine traits you want in a dress with the DO NOT MESS seriousness of a proper suit, and the result is pure, grown-up sophistication. A jumpsuit creates one long and elegant line, and a nipped-in waist (shown in the examples above) will balance out the shoulder. Pop on a cropped blazer for coverage during your defense, then add those towering heels, long earrings and tousled waves you talked about for the big ceremony. It just might end up being your go-to piece for all the adventures that come after graduation!

Best of luck to you, 

Fit for a Femme 

P.S. Feel free to email me at fitforafemme@gmail.com if you have any other questions!