Qwearly Dashing Week 6: Queer Activists and Chicago Designers

This week I was continually reminded of incredible, brilliant queer activists who are healing, living, loving, working, cooking, and being FINE AS HELLLLLLLL. 

Kay Ulanday Barrett released a brilliant interview this week. I love this outfit, because it so clearly an expression of who they are: academic, boi, activist, performer, speaker, educator, and so much more. | From: kaybarrett.net

Angelica Ross, host of Miss Ross, recently hosted the Second Annual Trans100. She's the coordinator for the TransWorks project of the TransLife House / Chicago House. This outfit (snapped by Jen Richards on the train in Chicago) is just fabulous. The oversized items - boots, cardigan - exemplify Angelica's huge spirit and lovely personality. From: http://instagram.com/smartassjen

Joy Messinger, a new (and already dear) friend, wrote this beautiful piece last week about healing, activism, and relationships in activism. She also has achieved that perfect queer-business-casual-but-still-hella-cute look. Just look at the cardigan + colored pants + haircut. I'm in love | From: Joy Messinger, credit Les Talusan at the NAPAWF Conference.

I've also been getting really into Chicago-based designers:

Leaders1354 (LDRS: Lead Never Follow) is a Chicago-based street wear company. If you know, you know. If you don't, stay away. From: leaders1354.com

Sheila Rashid is a Chicago-based independent designer. Sheila makes amazing streetwear, and is an active member in the Chicago queer scene. | From: konsmagazine.com

Completely unrelated:

This week, I made a new friend: Teresa! I really love her style and her blog is full of the most beautiful photos. And, to be honest, her Qwear feature was one of my favorites: Style Profile: Teresa, Folsom, CA