Qweary: Hiking Fashion/ Classic Americana Heritage Style

Anonymous asked: "There's this style I really like but I havent been able to figure out whats its called which means I cant figure out where to buys clothes like it from.

"Its very outdoorsy jeans and boots and pine colored items. Backpacks and puff vest kinda looks very "into the wild" if you know what I'm talking about and could help out or know of a blog I could get inspiration from it would be much appreciated. Along with pine colors lots of navy, some mustard, greys. Leather and wool items. They always look like there about to go on a hike, its forest/camping/wilderness fashion. I can't seem to find blogs for it or stores that sell items like it."

I went hiking today, so I feel prepared to answer this question. Look for brands that cater to classic Americana or "heritage" or that are meant for time spent in the outdoors. For your necessary work boots/hiking boots, check out Red Wing and Orvis. Your classic american jeans can be found at Levi’sBaldwin, and WranglerFilson's got your jackets, puffy vests, flannel shirts, cargo pants, and gorgeous bags. More clothing meant for the outdoors at Woolrich and  Independence - Chicago (thanks Sean!). All your beautiful handcrafted leather needs at Hulme and Korchmar and Apolis Global. Finally, Herschel Supply Co. is one of my favorite places to go for hiking style inspiration because of their beautiful lookbook.

Here are some other fun looks that play around with hiking styles:

DSquared2's Spring/Summer 2012 collection is one of my other favorites for hiking fashion inspiration:

From: thetieguy.us
Hiking with Herschel Supply Co. | From: adaymag.com

Hiking with Herschel Supply Co. | From: adaymag.com

Note: Enjoying what I'm calling the American Heritage style does not include appropriating Native American styles (in case you were a non-native thinking of doing that.)