Too Good To Pass Up (East Dane Giveaway) [closed]

If my time in college taught me anything, it's that there are certain opportunities that no one should pass on. 

1. Free money. We've all been there, you're searching through your pants pockets, emptying the cup holders in your car, and breaking open that jar of coins you kept when you were ten when you thought you would save up to buy your own island... why? Because your bank account is low and you're in need of new clothes. 

2. Free clothes. Although usually a trap, colleges hand out dozen of free T-shirts. However, those babies come in handy on laundry day, "stay in side all day" day, and "maybe I'll try working out" day. Hands down, free clothes are the way to go. 

3. A hot date. In your life you will be asked out by "that guy" more times than you'd like so when a fairly attractive person asks you out, jump on it. 

4. The rare opportunity to feel really good about yourself. The world is a harsh place, my friends. Days will pass you and you will seriously begin to wonder what you're doing with your life and why it's not as impressive as everyone else's accomplishments. When that door opens, you better be jumping through it. 

East Dane may not be able to find you a hot date but, they'll take care of the other three. Qwear is happy to announce that we will be giving away four (4) $50 giftcards away. 

Their site offers classic styles from 100's of designers that have to potential to turn you into that hot date for someone else! We recommend checking out their fantastic collection of blazers as well as their 50% Off Mens sale.

For the chance to win $50 at East Dane:

1. Follow Qwear on Twitter
2. Tweet @Qwearfashion and @EastDane with a link to your favorite East Dane product and the hashtag #qweareastdanegiveaway
3. We will tweet at the winners!