Qweary: Boobs and Button-ups

P. N. asked: "How do I avoid exposing my bra and boobs between the buttons of my shirt?

"My boobs hate me dressing tomboyish. I've tried safety pins and double sided tape, but they aren't really convenient."

You aren't the first queer with this problem! Our friends at Androgyny invented the "boob button" which avoids the gap with clever button placement. However, if you can't afford a $125 shirt, there are other options. Try wearing sports bras to keep things tame. Also, depending on your style and how you feel about boob darts, you can tailor shirts to leave room in the chest for your goods. Women's shirts usually have chest darts for this reason, but some just tailor in the side seams. Men's shirts typically don't leave enough room in the chest for those with boobs, and if you like the look of them you can buy a size up and have a tailor bring the sides in. Just explain that you want to keep it looking like a man's shirt.

All that said, I'm fairly confident that with the right sports bra and shopping around, you'll find a shirt that looks great that you don't need to tailor!