Frank & Oak Plus Sizes Review

Frank & Oak specializes in classic, yet original shirts, blazers, sweaters, and other hip goodies.

This time they generously sent me their Laurier suit jacket in navy blueJasper Oxford in Seafoam Green, and Striped Chambray Tie.

Frank & Oak Plus Sizes Review Qwear
Frank & Oak Plus Sizes Review Qwear

I loved all three pieces. Just a heads up that the shirt and blazer run extremely slim. The blazer was actually too small (I ordered a 46R). I could get it on, but the sleeves were way too tight. The shirt fit a little slim, but not so slim I can’t wear it (I ordered a XXL). I do like that there isn’t a ton of extra fabric around the waist to stick out of my pants though. The shirt also has some subtle details-the buttons are engraved with Frank & Oak and the collar is thick enough to run a tie through it but thin enough to be worn sans neckwear comfortably. Each piece is simple but has its own presence.

Overall, my shopping experience was fantastic. I was a little miffed that they only offer online shopping if you have an account with them (it’s free and you can log in via Facebook) and that it wasn’t written anywhere that I saw. However, once I figured that out, shopping was smooth sailing. Their website design is great on the eyes as well. Some features to be excited about:

They have an app! It’s got a great design (if that matters to you) and it’s handy in that way shopping apps are handy… you know what I’m saying… I hope.

“Hunt Club” lets you try on three items once a month. Keep what you like and return what doesn’t work with free shipping and returns. In addition, club members get 8% store credit on all purchases (so if your order was $100, they’d give you $8 in store credit). The next part is tricky “the Hunt Club is free and you are not obliged to buy. If you don’t see anything you like simply login and SKIP your crate. If you forget to order a Crate or skip, you will be charged $45 on your credit card which will be added as store credit for future purchases.” So that’s the only catch. If you love their pieces it’s a great incentive!

Virtual Try-on: When I ordered my pieces they offered a sizing guide that uses items of clothing you already own to simulate a virtual try-on in addition to a traditional sizing guide. It gives you three criteria to think about-how it will fit in the shoulders, stomach, and arms. So it’ll ask you what item you own, what size you got, and how it fits. Based on that information it will suggest a size for the Frank & Oak item with short comments like “will fit similarly in chest” and “will be slimmer in shoulder than your item.” Super innovative and very helpful for online shopping.