Twin Cities Pride Drips with Good Looks

Several weekends ago was the fabulous Twin Cities Pride Celebration!

I went on Saturday, and literally as my group stepped onto the bus, the newly ubiquitous monsoons of this summer came out to play. It poured for about half an hour to forty minutes, then cleared up into sunshine that dried my cotton clothes quickly. We walked around and saw a lot of fantastic folks braving the weather to celebrate their Pride. The festival in Minneapolis is in a park that winds in a figure eight around a pond, very close to the Walker Art Museum. Unfortunately, the break in watery weather only lasted a little over an hour before the sky opened up again, and we had to head home. But the parade on Sunday marched through city streets under hot summer sun!

We took a bunch of photos of people looking particularly excellent during the dry spell. I was lucky to be wearing all cotton! Notable trends in full force include hipster tanks, floral, leopard, and rainbow, of course, as well as a host of queer-friendly text on all items. A very fashionable good friend of mine (not pictured) wore hot pink short and a vintage crop top emblazoned with the words "vaginas are way cool," which further cemented for me the current crop top revival in femme style.

Photo credit to Caroline Wood