Style Profile: Angie Chuang, Brooklyn

Last February I got to view up-and-coming designer Angie Chuang's pieces on models at a dapperQ event, and I later interviewed her about her work.

Now I want to bring the attention back to her personal style, something I also find inspiring and uniquely her. She combines patterns and designs in a street style that really pops. You may recognize some of the pieces from her "Teddy Girls and Bois" collection. I also love how she wore the same item so many times in different outfits -- just goes to show how far a small but strong well-curated wardrobe can go!

Angie Chuang Fashion Designer
Angie Chuang Fashion Designer
Angie Chuang Fashion Designer
Angie Chuang Fashion Designer

Where did you grow up & where do you live now?
I grew up in Princeton, NJ and Pittsburgh, PA. Currently I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

How do you think your friends would define your style?
Urbane, monochromatic and androgynous.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?
My leather studded biker jacket for sure. In the fall time I don't take it off. It's a classic yet has a cyberpunk kind of feel to it.

What’s your biggest style challenge?
My biggest style challenge is adding more color to my wardrobe.

Which literary figures do you most admire?
I admire Ayn Rand for her storytelling and writing skills though I do not necessarily believe in her philosophy. Her work is rich, intricately written and that's what I appreciate it for.

Who’s your style icon?
In terms of style icon as someone who inspires me how to dress personally, I do not have one. I liketo keep my dress simple with attention paid more to quality, silhouette and color. I find inspiration and pick up details I like from what people are wearing on the streets as well as my friends and make them my own.

Outfit Details:

Charcoal blazer: Zara
Black polka-dotted button-up: Uniqlo
Skinny tie: Church Street Surplus
Floral Blazer: Plndr
Silk black button-up: Angie Chuang
Hat: Topshop
Studded leather biker jacket: Hypercore
Striped Vest: Urban Jungle

Photography by jchuangphotography