Qweary: How To Wear Harem Pants?

Anonymous asked: "My fashion style is pretty Boyish, I've been referred to by strangers as 'Bud' my whole life, but I've come a problem. My fashion dilemma is Harem pants. I love how comfortable they are! But I'm having a hard time working them into my outfits. What type of shoes should I wear? Or what kind of shirt and jackets should I stick to?"

Oh, hello. We have the exact same problem. Confession: I love streetwear. I like to rock drop crotch/harem pants with sneakers, but I’ve also seen folks KILL with slim harem pants + color socks + oxfords. Texture and proportion are the two most important considerations. What are your pants made of? How thick/thin are they? How slim/flowy are they?

As for the top, slouchy sweater + jeans are my go-to pairings, because it makes the ensemble look 80s but still have some structure to the silhouette.

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