How a Well-Tailored Shirt is Supposed to Fit

Anonymous asked: "I have a question about tailored shirts. I am interested in buying a shirt from Blank Label but need advice on measurements.

"They give you the option of measuring from a current shirt, but I don't have one that is perfect so i'm wanting to change the measurements a bit! How is a well tailored shirt supposed to fit? I have been wearing mens xs shirts that are much to long and billowy and I want to get it right! Can you help? Thanks!

 Kyle Moshrefi of Kipper Clothiers (From:

Kyle Moshrefi of Kipper Clothiers (From:

Choosing measurements based off your favorite shirt with a few adjustments is a great way to start. There is no one formula for the perfect shirt. Some sizing differences vary for personal style and fit preference. Some people prefer their shirts longer, for example, so they can tuck them in more easily. Some prefer a slimmer look while others prefer a straight look to provide more area for movement. You may also choose to alter the measurements based on the silhouette you want to give off for your body. If you want to flatten the look of your chest, for example, I would recommend a little extra space in the chest area to avoid showing a bulge. Some people prefer to have their shirt come in at the waist and back out to accommodate their hips — others prefer it to go straight down. I explored this more in my review of my Blank Label shirt.

Here is a great source that describes in detail how every element of your shirt should fit  sleeves, neck, chest, etc.