Qweary: Androgynous Genderqueer Style with Femme-y Clothes?

Az asked: "I have just started to identify as genderqueer, and I am attempting to change my wardrobe and fashion style to achieve the mix of feminine and masculine that I love.

"Problem is, I have a lot of femme-y clothes that I don't want to just throw away, specifically chiffon blouses, fitted cardigans, and skirts. I know this is a tall order, but can I get some advice on adapting these kinds of pieces to a more masculine style?

If working with Bing has taught me one thing, it's that for every piece that is traditionally feminine, you can balance it out for a piece that is traditionally masculine. Mix soft colors with darker, bold colors, and light fabrics with strong sturdy ones. Got a skirt? Pair it with chunky boots. Throw a boxy men's blazer over that cardigan. You might need some experimentation before getting it just right, but you can absolutely use your old wardrobe and mix it with new pieces if that's where your interest lies. 

Here's some inspiration that may or may not play to your style. Just be creative and have fun!

 Amber Rose, From:  nowthatsjustpeachy.blogspot.com
 Rick Owens 2010 From:  gq.com

Rick Owens 2010 From: gq.com

 Agi & Sam's autumn/winter'14 cookbook, From:  gq-magazine.co.uk

Agi & Sam's autumn/winter'14 cookbook, From: gq-magazine.co.uk

 Anne-Catherine Frey, From:  citizencouture.com

Anne-Catherine Frey, From: citizencouture.com

 Esther Quek, From:  lazylipstick.com

Esther Quek, From: lazylipstick.com


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