Qweary: Incorporating Tomboy Clothing into A Girly Wardrobe

Anonymous asked: When i was younger i was quite girly, then a couple of years ago i went through what i can only call a 'phase' of dressing boyish. My problem is that my wardrobe now basically consists of men/ boys clothes and i was wondering if you had any suggestions of how to dress more feminine or work my current wardrobe round this without breaking the bank?

Dear Anonymous,

Welcome to the land of "Tomboy Femme." Qwears around the globe are sporting a feminine tomboy look, and personally I think it's great. Most of these people don fairly feminine haircuts, with make up. How you do it is completely up to you. Start working in some girly pieces into your wardrobe and I think you'll like what happens. 

Here's some inspiration from around the web.

If you google "tomboy femme," you'll get an overwhelming number of mostly white Ruby Rose types with no curves. I'm purposely leaving those types out of this post because A. I love pissing off biggots B. You can already find plenty of those images all over the place and frankly, they've already taken up all the airtime.


From: glamradar.com
From: lookbook.nu