Ready To Stare Provides Bold Statements Across the Size Spectrum

After being bullied because of her size, designer Alysse Dalessandro decided to fight back and create something truly remarkable.

She created Ready To Stare, a brand of everyday statement pieces. For her, it's like, "armor that makes you ready to face the stares and policing that come when you dress for yourself instead of following so-called rules of fashion."

What drew me to this brand was the diversity in size and style among the models, the bright colors, and the bold statements. They've got a shirt in print that looks like a sports team saying "Fat & Thriving," another that boasts, "Morbidly Obsessed with Myself." Neon colors, money print shorts, and necklaces of candy pendants dazzle the pages.

Alysse says, "You don't just wear something fancy when you go out; you wear something every single day that makes you feel like you are the best person in the world."

This brand is the opposite of how the beauty industry wants plus size people to dress, and in the best possible way. 

So go ahead and stare, because these size activists are doing the boldest thing they can do: love themselves.

These clothes are available in sizes S-5X and look great on people of varying sizes. Pieces range from $6 to $69.

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All photos from The Thank You For Staring Fall 2015 Lookbook.

Photography by Alysse Dalessandro
Hair by: Cherice Byrd
Makeup by: Erin Thomas
Modeled by: Alec Collins, April Raquel,
Autumn Towns, Chauncey Brown & Noella DeVille