Bluestockings Boutique Presents Queer Lingerie Shoot

Bluestockings Boutique, an alternative, eco­friendly lingerie and underthings boutique geared to the LGBTQIA+ community, presents its queer­ lingerie photo shoot. This photo shoot offers a queer positive, body positive alternative to the images usually produced by the lingerie industry. 

Bluestockings recognizes that queers shopping for clothes can't easily imagine ourselves in them when we only see cissesexist images of overwhelmingly thin and photoshopped models. They recognized the need to create their own images, despite being a start-up with limited funds for photoshoots.

Bluestockings founder Jeanna Kadlec states "representation is not an idea - it's a practice." Though there are many queer clothing companies making their mark, Bluestockings is one of the few who actually celebrate body diversity in addition to queer identities. Bluestockings says, "None of the models' bodies have been altered or edited ("photoshopped") in any way, with the exception of the removal of one tiny bruise from one of the models' legs."

We hope that other queer companies and companies with body positive values will follow suit and start to create healthy, beautiful images of the kind that Bluestockings put out. 

And if they include hot queer playing video games, we'd be okay with that too.

Photography by Michelle Davidson-Schapiro. Make up by Mathieu Vetere. Models include Erica, Alexis, Simone, Lore, and Yvonne.

See more about the shoot here.

And, if you're in the need for new lingerie/ underthings, shop with Bluestockings! They are a small, independent business doing some amazing work for the community.