QPOC Interviews with Sola Onitiri: Jimmie, She/her

Welcome to QPOC Interviews with Sola Onitiri, a guest series on the first Wednesday of the month.

There are times where I feel like being queer and black is the same as being invisible.

Every queer person of color has experienced the moment where we realized that no one in  mainstream fashion looked like us. We realized that the clothes and the models on the glossy pages of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar were meant to cater to those who are taller, skinnier, whiter, and more heteronormative than we are.

Fortunately, for many queer people of color, that realization was the start of an amazing journey of self discovery and confidence, self acceptance and pride, and most importantly, the versatility to not only wear whatever we want, but also rock whatever want.

I will be sitting down with my fellow QPOCs in the Philadelphia area to discuss how our identities provide a unique view of fashion, representation, and the harsh realities of cultural appropriation.

Jimmie - She/Her

“Instagram is a large source of fashion inspiration for me. Like alternative black girls on Instagram are great because I learned that being thick and wearing crop tops are an option. I also like big girl blogs but they’re usually very white.”

“As a queer person of color how do you feel that you fit into mainstream fashion?”

“I guess I don't, but I don’t care. At the end of the day it’s about wearing what I want.”

“Give us some “Fashion Rules” that you reject.”

“I reject wearing underwear or bras. I mean like, I wear them sometimes. But no one else is looking at them so why is it that big of a deal!”

Jimmie is a senior International Business major and currently the president of Drexel's QPOC student organization. When she is not adulting, she enjoys playing the Legend of Zelda games, listening to music and adoring Alt fashion Black femmes online.

If you are a QPOC in the Philadelphia area who is interested in being interviewed for this series, email solaonitiri@gmail.com or tweet @sola_eclipses.