Valentine's Day Fashion: TREAT YO SELF

Hallmark holiday is here! We had some questions about sweet queer duds to wear for a fancy date night out (or in!), so we gathered together some pictures of outfits that seem particularly "love"ly for all your special plans this weekend.

Whatever you wear, use this as a chance to make yourself feel really spectacular. Valentine's Day can be pretty stressful, for lots of various reasons. So, in the immortal words of Donna and Tom: TREAT YO SELF.


Pick out something small, a detail that doesn't overwhelm your other elements but is fancy enough to make you feel like royalty. It makes a difference, and you deserve it!

Matching is always fun! This super cute photoshoot makes use of a coordinated color scheme and some great vintage details to create two great looks that are fancy, but not stuffy. A red flower pin can go in your lapel, in your pocket, in your hair, on your belt, or anywhere else you can stick it on!


If you want to get really fancy with a bit of funky, this old school tail and waistcoat are for you. An easy way to get some Renaissance flair without the coat is a ribbon tie! Just cut yourself an appropriate length and tie it in a bow, or tie it like you'd tie a bowtie. Instant upgrade. Looks best with double-sided satin ribbon! This look would be great with a skirt as well as shorts I think. You can sort of see what it might look like with the shadow of the coattails.  

Red is always a good choice for Valentine's Day. If you're into the monochrome trend, this is an excellent example of how to pull it off. And as we saw before, the devil is in the details. A vintage brooch, some fantastic eyeliner, or the pattern of a skirt can make the difference between feeling like yourself and an especially regal version of yourself, and can break up the color if you're trying to stick to one. 

Adapperchick and ShesaGent on tumblr know how to accessorize a look. Outfits like these will cover a wide range of dress codes, and make excellent use of a wintry color palette that still pops. Treat yourself as well as your valentine with some colored or patterned socks and/or colored shoelaces.

Elliot Alexzander of House of Alexzander and Genderflux has always been one of my queer fashion inspirations. At its core, this ensemble is still pretty formal: pants, shirt, and blazer. But what if you add a statement necklace? What if the blazer is structured nontraditionally? What if you carry a lip shaped clutch? The possibilities are, as always, endless.

This is another simple look that blossoms through detail. Pattern! Cut! Fabric! I love everything about it. High-waisted bottoms are definitely back in style, and I hope they are here to stay. Great use of a brooch/lapel pin here as well.

In our final, glorious example, Esther Quek is stunning as always. If anyone truly knows how to dress like royalty, Esther Quek takes the cake in my book. Bold colors and bold accessories abound and come off as powerful and put-together, rather than overdone. This particular ensemble is nearly monochrome, as are many of her looks, and is another good reference for its success. 

Ready to treat yourself to some regal details? Don't stress too hard this Valentine's  your closet is your own kingdom. Have fun!