Femme Odd Couples: Power Clashing Bold Blues and Bright Yellows

A couple of months ago, I launched Femme Odd Couples, a regular column on Qwear that will explore uncommon dynamic duos and how they inspire a femme’s closet. The purpose of this column is not simply to celebrate amazing fashion-forward feminine style, but also to provide femmes space in the queer style narrative, because femme style is subversive in the way that it challenges norms (more on how here).

As I sat down to work on my second piece for this series, I was sidetracked by an article I saw floating around Facebook titled, “On Being (Femme): Speaking Truth to Experience” by Katey Pants. The article resonated with me on so many levels, but particularly spoke to my experience as a femme fashionista trying to negotiate both the world in general and also the world of queer fashion as a style blogger.  Pants writes, “I want to subvert the stupidity of assuming that gaudy décor makes artifice and that tough masculine attributes make someone authentic. I want to fail at being visible.”

Like Pants, I sometimes wish I could throw “visibility” out the window, albeit perhaps for not all the same reasons. For me, I do not want to be visible if I have to sacrifice my authenticity to be seen as queer by queer-normative standards. I AM QUEER. I AM A FEMINIST. I will fight to be seen as such. But, if the world cannot see me as a queer feminist until I start dressing more masculine, then the world can keep holding its breath. I have read article after article about how femmes can look more “gay,” when in reality, the only thing required for you to see me as queer is to open your eyes. Queers are everywhere, and we come in every variety possible.

So, with that, this edition I’m hoping to inspire some femmes with unexpected, in-your-face summer colors that POP and make any doubters open their eyes wider. Let’s venture down the path of feminine power clashing bold blues and bright yellows, because, you’re not afraid to stand out! What I love most about this summer color combo is that it is reminiscent of a perfectly clear day at the beach, where sun meets sea, and the sky and earth visually seem to touch along the horizon but never really meet – a glorious illusion. 

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Anita Dolce Vita is the Managing Editor at dapperQ. Follow her on twitter @DolceFemmeAnita