The Ties that Refine: A Review

When a company like contacts you and wants to send you some products to try out, it's impossible to say no. I had not heard of which is hard to believe as it seems like common sense that it would exist but I would have imagined it to be full of low quality products, cheaply made, and poorly designed. I would have been horribly wrong, they actually have "thousands of incredible products in stock - neckties, bow ties, tie bars, tie racks and cufflinks to name just a few." sent over quite the box of goodies and I do mean goodies! The selection is not only incredible but I guarantee you'll find some items you have been lusting over for years; I even found a few pieces I had bookmarked on tumblr YEARS AGO. 

Before I even set eyes on their products, I respected the company. Each item was individual packaged, a nice branded tin box for the bow ties, small high-quality padded boxes for the tie clips, and the sweetest little tissue paper filled boxes for each neck tie, making it feel far more like christmas than I had expected. The devil is in the details.

The quality of the packaging is impressive but what about the product? Fantastic. The ties are solid, silky, and are actually quite long to suit longer torsos. This shark tie, while being a skinny tie, is actually decently thick and therefore sits rather well. I didn't have to worry about my tie tangling up or my stellar american flag socks falling down during my meeting with the one and only Laverne Cox. 

If that doesn't rock your socks, their bow ties will. offers a range of self-tie & pre-tied bow ties that speak for themselves. I imagine you'll be seeing this floral bow tie quite a bit as it has easily become one of my favorites. Diamond tip, batwing, and butterfly, clovers and blue moons, pots of golden rainbows and I'm just making this up but they have some fantastic prints!


Neck ties, bow ties, socks... what else could they possibly offer? Accessories galore! Lord knows I love a good accessory and their tie clips and sunglasses couldn't make me happier...just kidding they are extremely affordable as well. Great things, small price tags...heaven does exist... online.

**I knew it.**

Thanks, I'm a believer. 

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Ashleigh Bingham better known as “Bing, ”creator of I Dream of Dapper, is a dapperwear Tumblr style icon. She contributed to popularizing the long-haired "queer pomp" and is known for her daring pattern mixing, complimentary rich colors, lapel pins, wild thrift finds, variety in neckwear (featured in her "50 Days of Dapper" project), & ability to write about Harry Styles. In the past, Bing has contributed to Autostraddle, and has been featured on DapperQ, S Moda, HudsonBuzzfeed, and included in the top 10 of a national menswear online competition. With a tendency to mix fashion with satire, Bing aims to explore fashion as a tool for self-expression rather than an industry.