Qwearly Dashing Week 19: Masculine Skirts

Lately I've been interested in the play around length in fashion, particularly the use of long coats and skirts in menswear. Shirts are getting longer lately too. Longer coats and other top pieces can lend the effect of skirts or dresses for those looking to merge flowing lines with a more masculine-read look. We've gotten several qwearies about this topic as well. Lo and behold, the latest big thing everyone is talking about is Jaden Smith wearing a dress to Coachella!

Jaden Smith has been getting a lot of recent media attention for his "girl clothes" (he addresses this in a very pointed Instagram post saying "Went To TopShop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean 'Clothes'"). Dresses aren't new for him, though  he has been sporting skirts since the release of his fashion line, which includes several longer pieces. I am a fan.

SHINee is a Korean pop group I always turn to for some great fashion inspiration, and their video "Dazzling Girl" has two perfect examples of skirts with more formal jackets. They also have a tunic example that creates that creates a longer silhouette more like a skirt.

From: kidulty.com

Most of these looks tend toward black, but color is always great too! Looking for more awesome flowing silhouettes in traditionally masculine styles? Check out somemeninskirts and nice skirt, bro for some inspiration!

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