Agender: Without a gender (nongendered, genderless, neutrois); moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity (genderfluid); third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender.

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After reviewing Selfridges' Agender campaign, we're turning to the community to add real images of agender individuals to the public consciousness. We're glad Selfridges is bringing the term "agender" into mainstream conversation, but we also don't want to erase the identities of agender individuals who don't look like the thin, genderless, light skinned models in the shoot.

We decided to add to these images to show that agender people come in all shades, shapes, sizes, and presentations.

Let's show the world what real agender people look like.

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Community responses to Selfridge's work have been both positive and critical. Tumblr user Eyrecura appears happy with the campaign, commenting that the fashion appears agender because it's a new niche and hasn't been gendered. "I think, though, that instead of modding sort of “normal” fashion into genderless options, they more created a fashion niche. I think their line is agender mostly because the fashion is more out there and newer and hasn’t had the chance to be gendered than necessarily purely agender." Eyrecura said they were happy with the website's definition of agender and said, " It’s not my cup of tea, but at least word is spreading!"

Tumblr user Charlesthetrex commented on the larger issue of how the mainstream erases identies: "This is basically to some extent just reinforcing the /false/ idea or misconception that agender always means androgynous and furthermore that androgynous means a certain idealized thin, white masculinity…

while it is nice to see poc represented, the campaign falls flat of using agender in a more nuanced or expansive way and really just excludes and further erases femme identity in particular from the definition of agender (or the possibilities for femme existing alongside agender). ultimately, from my point of view, this is more than just a shoddy misrepresentation of agender identities - it is a representation of what kinds of “transgressive” gender presentations/expressions are most valued AND it perpetuates a more sinister form of idealized white masculinity in the queer community."

Tag images of yourself on instagram with #whatagenderlookslike and #qwear to join our campaign. We'll choose our favorites and feature them on Qwear.

Or, email sonny@qwearfashion.com with #whatagenderlookslike in the subject line.