Affordable Jeans for Trans Men & Friends

A reader wrote in asking about recommendations for affordable jeans for trans men.

We surveyed our staff and the community about their favorite mens* jeans. It can take a lot of trial and error to find the perfect pair of jeans, but I promise they're out there. Everybody is shaped differently, so these are just good starting places. 

Raw Denim is a good investment for some point in your life - they stretch to fit your bod. While more expensive, but they also last forever and have a really great look and fit. Don't know what to look for in the right pair of jeans? Our MOC fashion goldmine friends have it all. 

Raw denim we recommend (under $100):

Gap Skinny Selvedge
Uniqlo Slim Selvedge
Unbranded Skinny Selvedge
Levi’s Shrink to Fit
Levi’s 513 Raw Denim

Other affordable jeans:

American Eagle Skinny Khaki Pant: ”American Eagle has really excellent pants for people who are interested in hiding their hips/curves. i swear by their ‘skinny’ khaki pant, which comes in multiple colors. it’s also one of their shortest pants (at least, i think so) - meaning i only have to cuff them once or twice! also, if you subscribe to their email list/keep an eye out, you can get them for 30$ instead of 44$.” — Anonymous

American Eagle Slim Straight Jeans: ”I have a black pair and a distressed pair of the same jeans because they fit me so well. They aren’t carrying that exact fit anymore, but their Slim Straight fit look very similar. The Skinny ones would be another to try.” — Courtney (quoted from this qweary)

Forever 21 Denim: "Well-made (read: thicker) denim" — Sean

Levi’s men’s taper fit (508) and slim fit (511) jeans: "My 511s look straight and are a bit loose on me. They have pretty frequent sales online and they come in tons of sizes and washes!" — Courtney (quoted from this qweary)

Old Navy Men’s Skinny Jeans: “Old Navy carries men’s skinny jeans that actually fit really well for those of us who don’t like skin-tight jeans but also don’t like a wide leg. plus they’re pretty inexpensive, i picked up my last pair for $25.” — pugnubz

Topman skinny or slim jeans: If you catch them on sale they are very affordable. These Dark Wash Regular Slim Jeans are on sale for $20!

UNIQLO men’s legging jeans: "I have a lot of trouble finding pants (even in the women’s section) because I have wide hips and a very narrow waist, but the UNIQLO jeans fit me PERFECTLY. (The ‘skinny’ cuts also fit, but are slightly too low-slung for my taste. YMMV, though.)" — queenieofaces 

For those on a tight budget, hit up your local thrift store. Deep within that long rack of jeans lies at least one treasure. But don't get it unless you love it!

If you have anything to add, comment below and we'll add it to the list.


Note: Links updated 7/10/17.

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