Bing Goes Unbound [Estilo]

There have been very few times in my blogging years that I have read an "about us" statement that has moved me. This, however, is not the case with Unbound Estilo

"Whether you are feminine, masculine or anything in between,what you wear gives you confidence and power.  Unbound is about safety and acceptance when choosing self-expression. Unbound is more than a style, it is a movement giving people the space to openly reveal and communicate who they are."- Unbound Estilo "Our Story"

With this in mind, I am more than happy to say that I have joined the Unbound Estilo movement. If you are merely interested in supporting a company that encourages all individuals along their journey towards self-expression, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product you receive. Having owned many "decent" bow ties from well-meaning companies, I must say that I was not sure what to expect and was indeed very happy with what I found. This adjustable, self-tie bow tie is a perfect addition to any growing wardrobe. 

The pattern is dashing and the organic cotton and hemp interlining is plenty durable for all your dapper needs. Adoring it as much as I do, I invoked the rule of Schrödinger's Closet** and wore it two days in a row. 

**If no one knows you wore it yesterday, you can wear it again today.

DSCN0252 copy.jpg

Whether you are dressing it down with a simple patterned shirt or dressing up with a vest and pocket square, you can not go wrong with this bow tie.

I would like to express thanks to Unbound Estilo not only for beautiful gift but also for being a company I can be proud to support. I will no doubt wear this bow tie to a point of exhaustion! 

To see how Bing styles this bow tie and many more, follow her on instagram.