Qwearly Dashing Week 22

This week some extraordinary styles caught my eyes that I absolutely needed to share. Get ready for dapper overalls and beauty beyond age 50.

I love the colors in this looks and the unconventional fit of the clothing. (Source)

This person just made the outdoor grunge concert look incredibly chic. (source)

Now we know: there is no such thing as too much layering. Especially if it's staggered and flowing. (source)

I never thought I'd see such a dapper pair of overalls. The way the shoes and tie matches the coloring is just so easy on the eyes. (source)

It's so bold and delicious with those orange accents. (source)

These people are so fashionable that they make me look forward to life beyond 50. I wholeheartedly think that my mom could dress like this. (source)