QD Week 23, Feeling Yourself: Quotes From Queer Fashion Role Models

Qwearly Dashing (QD) is a Sunday column featuring some things from our dashes that we loved.

Usually when I'm compiling photos for Qwearly Dashing, I'm look at what is being worn, how it is styled, and where is its place in upcoming and passed trends... not this week. This week is all about the people.


This week goes out to the people who are feeling themselves and looking good doing it.

"I’d always admire Men’s Wear wondering why in heavens name did God make me a woman so I couldn’t wear Menswear so I couldn’t throw on that tie or be who I really wanted to be. Today I use my style as a freedom of speech, as a way of saying I am free to be who I really am."

Allison Graham, shedoeshimfashion.tumblr.com


"I'm joining courageous trans youth across the country by sharing my #transTRUTH. How will you share yours??!"

Jacob Tobia


“And I can’t change, 
even if I tried, 
even if I wanted to..”

"Never stop living, being who you are or being afraid of what people think."

 She's A Gent


"Just a human being who has discovered how to live beyond gender norms. 

— Elliott Alexzander"


Photo credit: Tayler Smith (not.taylersmith.com) 

Photo credit: Tayler Smith (not.taylersmith.com

"Looking at myself, I see love, resilience, strength and beauty. I smile, finally recognising my essence in my own reflection."  Tyler Ford


Be boldly you.

— Bing

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Ashleigh Bingham better known as “Bing, ”creator of I Dream of Dapper, is a dapperwear Tumblr style icon. She contributed to popularizing the long-haired "queer pomp" and is known for her daring pattern mixing, complimentary rich colors, lapel pins, wild thrift finds, variety in neckwear (featured in her "50 Days of Dapper" project), & ability to write about Harry Styles. In the past, Bing has contributed to Autostraddle, and has been featured on DapperQ, S Moda, HudsonBuzzfeed, and included in the top 10 of a national menswear online competition. With a tendency to mix fashion with satire, Bing aims to explore fashion as a tool for self-expression rather than an industry.