A Note From Sonny on Recent News, What's Next and Self-Love

Dear Qwears,

We've entered a scary time for everyone. I invite you in this moment to take some deep breaths.

You have trans and queer advocates fighting for you and we aren't going anywhere. If any laws change — and it's not easy to repeal laws already put into place — you have us to fight for you. There are many pro bono lawyers the ACLU can set you up with.

So certainly take precautionary steps, but there's no need to panic.

There are many ways to get involved, so I recommend just choosing ONE organization you'd like to be more involved with, whether it be the ACLU, Black & Pink, GLAD, La Network Red, environmental organizations, or others. If we work as a team we can overcome hate. I truly believe that love Trumps hate.

And please take care of yourselves. It's okay to feel sad, scared, uncertain. Some of us are fearing for our lives.

But we have many ways to fight, and the fight is far from over. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom as a wake up call for action.

You all have something amazing to offer because you all have incredible hearts. I've gotten to know the Qwear community over many years and I know you are all amazing people with the capacity to change the world.

You've held me accountable when I made mistakes, and I know you can continue to hold others accountable as well.

Keep fighting the good fight, and know that Qwear will always be here for you. We aren't going anywhere. If anything, we are feeling stronger than ever.




Cover photo by Jaypix, edited by Rupi