Fashion Brands that Are 100% Trump Free

Some activists put together a sheet of clothing brands to avoid that support Trump as well as brands that are 100% Trump-free.

We have added to the list. We all make our own choices when it comes to choosing the most ethical brands to support, and this list does not take into consideration environmental practices as well as other ethical factors. (For example, Tom's has been criticized for actually worsening the economy in places where they donate shoes.) However, this is a great list to keep in mind when making your next purchase to ensure that none of your money ends up in Trump's pocket. 

Brands in bold are also queer owned! We've also indicated which brands are Indie and/or ethical. 

List was last updated on 10.6.17

The Following Brands Are 100% Trump Free:


We will update this list as more info comes in. If you own a brand who does not do any business with Trump and/or doesn't support Trump in any way, please email us at

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