Sonny and Courtney Published in Posture Magazine Issue 3

We are pleased to announce that two of our writers, Courtney Stirn and Sonny Oram (myself) have been published in Posture Magazine's Third Issue, The Boss.

My article is an interview with one of my queer theory heroes, Joel Sanders. My admiration for Sanders' work dates back to 2013 when he designed the Queer History of Fashion Exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His words, which I quoted here, made a huge impact on my work moving forward. The article, Joel Sanders: Stud to Stalled, explores the evolution of the past 20 years of his career in pushing the boundaries of the archtitecture field.

Joel Sanders: Stud to Stalled, Introduction: 

By Sonny Oram

When we discuss queer theory and identity, architecture isn’t usually something that comes to mind. But for architect Joel Sanders, gender, queer theory, identity, and architecture all go hand in hand. Much of Sanders’ work in queer theory discusses the insight and creativity that derives from looking at heteronormative practices from an outsider’s perspective. As a gay male architect, his work reveals the way the conventions of architecture and codes of professional conduct perpetuate mainstream and often problematic ideas about men, women, and the LGBTQ community. To mark the 20th anniversary of Sanders’ first publication addressing architecture and gender, Stud, Architectures of Masculinity in 1996, I reflected with him on the evolution of his thinking over the arc of his career. A common theme running throughout his work is looking at how cultural values and ideologies shape professional practice. Looking back, Sanders divides the past 20 years of his work into four overlapping chronological periods during which his interest in gender and architecture evolved from looking at architecture from a gay male perspective to his more recent collaboration with trans historian Susan Stryker that focuses on the needs of the transgender community.

Courtney interviewed Sharpe Suiting Founder Leon Wu. Wu is a serious boss in the world of queer fashion and fashion in general, building an incredible company on the cutting edge of today's technology. What's most inspiring about Wu's vision is the use of technology to create fashion for everyone, regardless of shape or size. 

The Sharpe Edge of Empowerment Introduction:

By Courtney Stirn

Leon Wu is the Founder, Chief Desginer, and CEO of Sharpe Suiting, a revolutionary exploration into the possibilities that technology can afford us in a custom fit experience. Founded in queer style and experience, Sharpe is a response to the larger fashion industry, which often does not empower the different identities and bodies in the world. Sharpe is about the individual, whether queer or not, for all those who feel like they have never found the right fit.

About the issue: 

The Boss Issue is Posture’s third print issue. Featuring exclusive interviews with artists, theorists, activists, and nightlife icons, the conversations dive deep into ideas of leadership, success, and organizing in queer/ trans/ non-binary and WOC communities. This issue also represents a new design direction for Posture, one that reflects the mission and purpose of the publication.

Issue Three features: Jillian Mercado, Signe Pierce / BUFU Collective / Ryan Burke / Pêche Di / Shantell Martin / Elle Hearns / Joel Sanders / Susanne Bartsch / Amanda Lepore / Hrag Vartanian / Veken Gueyikian

Design+Rebranding: Lotta Nieminen

This issue also features the works of Annie Rose Malamet, Chris of Hur, Corinne Goldenberg, Demi Kampakis, Ebony P. Donnley, Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Greg Mania, Horrorchata, Julie Vick, M. Sharkey, Maya Harder-Montoya, Miss Malice, Rify Royalty, Sasha Velour, Shane’a Thomas, and Winter Mendelson. Purchase the issue here and support the queer-owned publication for $18.

Thank you to Posture Magazine for including us in your beautiful issue!