5 Femme Winter Wardrobe Staples

In the middle of winter, our attempts to stay warm yet stylish become a big challenge.

Elegant, chic, and sexy aren't words you tend to associate with weather that requires earflaps and snow pants. But today we bring you 5 wardrobe basics that will help you remain stylish and warm. With an added scarf under your hat, and some thermal underwear, and knit socks, you'll show that snow can never get in the way of style.


1. Parka

Inspired by the inhabitants of the Artic, the Parka is a thick hooded coat that suits any style. It comes in various neutral versatile colors. It usually comes in medium length, lined with fur. 

2. Toggle Coat

Inspired by the British navy uniform, this coat (also known as the Duffle Coat) is perfect if you are an active person or if you prefer a simple style. Its forte is the material: a special densely woven wool.

3. Oversized Boxy Coat

Similar to the classic menswear coat, the androgynous style coat has oversized shoulders and lapel with a straight cut. It offers a femme twist to a design which inspires nonchalance, independence and strength.

4. Robe Coat

This slightly oversized coat is in trend this season and it comes in all colors, lengths and prints that you can imagine. It is sensual, comfy, and perfect for every style or event.

5. Cape Coat

Wool, with or without hood, with or without collar, is a very elegant and sharp choice. Its great secret is that it suits everyone, regardless of body shape.


1. Tall Boots

When it is cold and you want to wear your favorite short skirt or dress, the boots over the knee is the stylish choice you can make to cover and protect your feet. Practical and comfortable while displaying a dose of elegance, they are designed for the daily wear.

2. Ankle Boots

On the other hand, if you prefer something different, you can choose the ankle boots. This type of shoes is very practical because it is suitable for jeans, and skirts or dresses. It is recommended to keep in mind the following tip when wearing ankle boots: choose not to put the jeans in the boots, but bend them. In this way, the attention will be on boots, while managing to create a cool and relaxed outfit.

Knitted Jumper Dress

The knitted jumper dresses are amazing! Long or short, they will not fail to keep you warm and make you look sexy and casual. Use a thin belt to emphasize your waist or a wide belt with chains. These details are still in vogue and you can use them to your advantage.

Leather Jacket

A classic piece, the leather jacket looks good in every wardrobe. You can match it with any outfit or shoes and still give you a versatile look. Undoubtedly, the leather jacket will still be a trend in the upcoming seasons. If you don’t have one yet you can pick one from the vast collection at House of Fraser which offers absolutely great deals on wide range of jackets.

Winter Hats

The winter is the perfect time to try a more daring hat that you've worn in year's past. Where it over a scarf around your ears and it will bring your style up a notch. 

1. Fedora

Fedora hat is known as the "gangsters’ hat" being worn by people like Al Capone. You can match it with any outfit, whether you want to look casual or polished.

2. Cloche

Feminine and vintage, the cloche hat will add that 1920s elegance to your outfit.

4. Knit Hat

Knit hats are adorable and regardless of your style (traditional, causal, retro or grunge) they will make you look relaxed.

With a little creativity, winter can lend itself to some great fashion choices.

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