Queer Wedding Style: Say Yes to the Vest

Anonymous asked: I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a fall wedding and the bride doesn't mind that I wear pants (thank god). If I wear a vest and pants of different colors should the lighter color go on top or bottom? Or vice versa?

Guess what? You can do EITHER! I personally like the look of mismatched vest outfits better than matched. Try things on and see what you like. If you are stuck, try this simple guide for mismatching. This applies to only garments of similar materials:

Solid on pattern: Put together a solid piece with a patterned piece for some nice contrast

Solid on solid: If you are using two solid colors, make sure one of them is a bit brighter than the other. Depending on your palette, this could be quite subtle (see examples below.)

Pattern on pattern: If you are choosing to mix two patterns (something I recommend for more advanced sartorialists) combine a larger pattern with a smaller one.

If you have wide hips, leaving the bottom button of the suit jacket undone is a good look.

If your garments are different materials, the rang of possibilities is more flexible. (Think of combining a vest with jeans or khakis, for example.) But unless the wedding you are attending has a more casual dress code, you'll want to keep them as similar dress fabrics.