How to Wear: Leather

Hello again Qwears, and welcome back to How To Wear, the photo series aimed at providing style inspiration for all of you fashion-forward folks! 

In our second installment, the How To Wear models gave their interpretation of the theme of leather. Whether done on a larger scale or as an accessory, leather is incredibly versatile way to add a bit of edginess to any outfit.


I am absolutely in love with this jacket so it only made sense to wear it for my interpretation of the leather theme. I paired it with my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a pair of brogues, and a shirt and tie for a casual but dapper look.

Don't be afraid to experiment!  Leather can be worn with just about any style so find a piece that you like and build the rest of the outfit around it.  

What I'm wearing:
Button front shirt: H&M
Tie: Calvin Klein
Jacket: Rock & Republic
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Merona


I knew I didn't want to wear leather pants or a shirt so I picked two of my go to items when it comes to an outfit: a hat and a bowtie. Once I had those two, I centered the rest of my outfit around them. 

My tip for wearing leather is wear it as an accessory. Wearing leather in the warmer months can get a little hot. If you want to do full pieces in the summer months, it's okay to go with pleather or PU leather. It gives you the look you want and it is perfect for letting air through.  

What I'm wearing:
Pants: Forever 21 Men
Shirt: Forever 21 Men
White leather Chucks: Converse
Leather Bowtie:
Bucket hat: Bozkee/Spencer's P/U
MK signature leather Backpack: Michael Kors
Watch: Fossil


When I heard the look was leather I knew immediately what top I was going to wear. Turned out I had the perfect shoes as well. The denim jogger just pulled the whole look together as casual comfort with an edge. 

The fun thing about leather is that it doesn't have to match anything. It's almost like another accessory and can be paired with any type of outfit from small pieces like bracelets or shoes all the way up to entire articles of clothing. Just play with it and don't be scared to take chances!

What I'm wearing:
Hoody: The Narrows
Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch [view disclaimer]
Shoes: Sperry
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Zox Strap