Qweary: Masculine Chinos for Wide Hips that AREN'T Ankle Length?

Anonymous asked: "Ok, I'm a tall person with hips who wants to by some basic khakis/chinos to wear with button ups and t-shirts.

Because I have hips I have to shop in the women's department, but all pants seem to be ankle length now, which is a look that's too feminine for me. I like the "skinny pants" on American Eagle, but I don't love all their colors. Do you have any store recommendations for regular length pants (and by that I mean not purposefully ankle length) but fit someone with hips? Thanks!"

If it helps, the cropped trouser trend is happening in men’s styles too. However, I understand how it can create an undesired silhouette. 

My top fav are these Gap women's chinos. They fit the hips but look like boy's pants. (Fun fact: both myself and Anita Dolce Vita wear these!)

I know you said that men's pants don't fit, but Zara's Chinos have a magical stretchiness to them that make them much more comfortable over hips (as opposed to Topman's which were too stiff to fit my bod when I got bigger.)

Blake recommends both the Clark fit and Milano from Brooks Brothers, noting than it may be necessary to go up a size in the Milanos. Clark pants are not tapered.

Fun fact: You can also buy men's pants in a size up and tailor the bottom to fit. Club Monaco offers free alterations on many of their items, which includes shortening the hem. If you prefer a more tapered look at the bottom, a tailor can taper pants for $10-$20.

Other brands I haven't personally tried, but that look promising: 

Best of luck!