Genderflux Releases New Galaxy Collection; Sonny Ditches old Tees

Genderflux, a start up company founded by Elliott Alexzander a little less than 2 years ago has released a new collection of galaxy tees with creative messaging for non binary individuals.

They were created with sublimation printing, a technique which prevents fading and produces brilliant colors. The galactic collection includes 4 varying backgrounds with nonbinary affirming symbols and terminology such a "neither" (a boy or a girl) and "human" (we are all human.) The collection also features an iPhone case and a few tote bags.

So yeah, all my old tee shirts will soon be available on Ebay. 

Genderflux Neither Tee
Genderflux Trans Symbol Tank

If you're a fan of Genderflux, check out Gendrapp. Creative director for GenderFlux, Barry Brandon, is developing an app specifically to connect the non-binary & gender non-conforming communities together.