Rainbow Fashion Week to Become the First Ever Carbon Neutral Fashion Week of its Kind

June 17-24, Rainbow Fashion Week is returning to New York City, this time with a Carbon Neutral mission.

RFW Founder and CEO E. Jaguar Beckford

RFW Founder and CEO E. Jaguar Beckford

According to Eco Watch, fast fashion Is the second dirtiest industry in the world, next to big oil. The fast fashion industry uses pesticides in cotton farming, toxic dyes in manufacturing, as well natural resources used in extraction, farming, harvesting, processing, manufacturing and shipping. Additionally, discarded clothing creates a huge amount of waste.

After attending a summit at the Hudson Institute, which addressed the destruction of the Himalayan glaciers and speaking with Sharon Kahn of Water Keeper Alliance, RFW Founder and CEO E. Jaguar Beckford re-wrote RFW’s mission statement to make it a global pledge to educate new designers of the responsibilities they bare when ordering, utilizing and disposing textiles, to consider bio safe vendors and consider several "re-purposing ideals."

RFW’s goals are to reduce their electric energy consumption by 1/3 through the use of solar powered generators and panels, urge the City of New York to mandate dog waste composting through its Rainbow Pets event; recycle, re-purpose and re-use clothing through its Dumpster Divers event – ultimately, becoming the “first carbon-neutral fashion week” of its kind. Focused on the endeavor to create a morally accountable fashion week, Jag and RFW are committed to work closely with strategic partners and industry leaders such as Viridian, Blue Water, Gem Pawnbrokers, CERES and Earth Justice to help educate the event’s audiences about new ways to reduce our carbon foot prints.

This third edition of Rainbow Fashion Week will officially kick off Friday, June 17th; launching with the “Top New Media Moguls Black Tie Affair” celebrating 50 outstanding achievers: in the LGBT community for their efforts in media, community, fashion and beauty. It will feature Eight days of exceptional queer fashion shows, with daily themed runways: Top New Media Moguls, Drag’Stars and Trans-Justice, Rainbow Pets, Queer Kids, PhotoViews, Rainbow Tots, Trans’’ition, Urban Knights, Inside The Celebrity Closet and Body Dysmorphia, Hair du Soleil and Kids Who Tech (where FIT meets MIT in a fashion clothing Hackathon for solar energy wearables).

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