Style Profile: Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Berkeley, CA

Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is a person whose creativity extends past their dandy aesthetic, through to their anti-oppression work as a Transqueer Latinx Theologian.

While they enjoy getting all dressed up, their favorite outfit is just "Nautica Jeans and a grey tank, barefoot in the kitchen."

Warby Parker glasses / The Tie Bar Bow tie / The Tie Bar Pocket square / Robert Graham Purple checkered shirt / Blue Velvet sports coat / Nautica Jeans

Warby Parker Crystals / Eddie Bauer Black v-neck tee / Nautica Jeans / John Fluevog Shoes

Warby Parker glasses / The Tie Bar Bow tie / Robert Graham Striped shirt / Robert Graham vest / Nautica Jeans


Where did you grow up & where do you live now?
I grew up in the Northern Mexico, the Republic of Texas. I currently am nomadic and live in a variety of places, California being one of those places.
How do you think your friends would define your style?
My friends describe my style as Dapper and Dandy.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?
Nautica Jeans and a grey tank, barefoot in the kitchen

What’s your biggest style challenge?
Finding men’s shirts that fit my shoulders and arms (I’m on the stocky side and short).

Which literary figures do you most admire?
I admire Gloria Anzaldúa, AnaLouise Keating, and Gilles Deleuze

Who’s your style icon?
James Dean comes to mind in terms of hair. When it comes to fashion and style, I look to my own imagination to help me express the Dapper and Dandy aesthetic.


Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza lives nomadically, though can be found in the Bay Area during the academic year teaching in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Robyn teaches at the Pacific School of Religion and travels extensively speaking to groups and lecturing throughout the country on ways to live into an anti-oppression and anti-racist frame. Seeking to dismantle multi-system oppressions, including the logic of of dominance that bolsters the logic of white supremacy, Dr. Robyn is considered a Theologian for the Movement of LGBTQ lives and is deeply invested in the Movement for Black Lives; they are considered a faith leader who is deeply entangled in multiple communities, including multi-faith communities that seek to address religious violence. As a Transqueer Latinx Theologian, Dr. Robyn is also the Public Theologian in Residence at Faith Matters Network, based in Nashville, TN, and works as part of a queer and POC led collective to reshape the moral imagination of today. Robyn is currently working on several writing projects related to trans theology and trans theory of religion, and a book currently titled Activist Theology: Recognizing the Prophetic Edge in the Streets, to be published by Fortress Press.  Dr. Robyn can be found at @iRobyn & @activistheology on Twitter, @queertheologian on Facebook, @iRobyn on Instagram, and also at, and