Qwear Halloween 2017: VOTE on Top 5!

This Halloween we got more submissions than any year before.

Naturally it was a long process for us to narrow it down to our top 5!

Now it's your turn to vote for the winner! Voting ends Friday Nov 17 at 11:59 pm EST. And don't forget, whoever wins gets this amazing necklace from Malailka Apparel. Here are our first round winners, in no particular order:

First Round Winners:

Sparkly Cowardly Lion

Bob Ross

Manghoe Lassi

By @ _humzer

By @ _humzer

Rose Gold Medusa


Cast Your Vote!


And now for our (many) honorable mentions:


Gumball Machine

Peterpan and Tinks

Brienne of Tarth

Carol from Carol

Gomez and Morticia

Jimi Hendrix

Adams Family

Toxic Masculinity/ White boys with Fish

By Bryan Chen

By Bryan Chen

Belle Noir

15 B Belle Noir.png

J Lo and P Diddy

Mexican Hipster Waldo

Butch Mahal Leather Daddy

Draco Malboy

Frida Khalo

Wednesday Addams

Shout Out to the Qwear Team & Contributors:

Mojo as a Midtown Facelift

Follow Mojo: mojodisco

Follow Mojo: mojodisco

Courtney as Tamatoa, the crab from Moana

Follow Courtney: menswearhero

Follow Courtney: menswearhero

Rupi as Sherlock Holmes

Follow Rupi: beingrupi

Follow Rupi: beingrupi

Sarah Rose as Laura Dern from Twin Peaks!

Follow Sarah: anarchistar

Follow Sarah: anarchistar

Thanks, Qwears. Can't wait till next year!