Black Friday 2017 Wishlist

Here are some things that we might just spring for this Black Friday.


By Sonny Oram, Courtney Stirn, and Emily Weiss (Instagram: @bakelovenothate)

Fenty's Holiday (Galaxy) Collection


So quickly after dropping the Fenty line, we already see a holiday line with atypical shades. They embrace the iridescent and sparkly unicorn trends in a way that I love for the holidays! — Emily

I’ve been looking for some good leather shoes for work that are a bit nicer but still interesting. Dub monks aren’t as hot as they were five years ago, but they still look killer. I’ve heard really good things about the craftsmanship of this brand in the menswear world, and they have small sizes in all their styles! — Courtney

I need a little more pizzaz in my wardrobe. I need more statement pieces that share how incredibly gay I am. I've been eyeing this tee for a while. — Sonny

Seeing a vintage MN Science Museum sweatshirt in Stranger Things warmed my midwestern heart. The 80s are back, and purchases go toward helping kids learn about science! — Courtney


I'm literally going to order this backpack on Black Friday. I desperately need a new backpack and this has a laptop and phone compartment that protects from all the elements. Plus, the minimalist in me is crying with joy. — Sonny

I’ve been looking for a quick, easy, sassy shoe, and these are the perfect conversation starter. Besides, who doesn’t want to wear velvet? (It’s totally on trend.) Courtney is a huge fan of velvet as well. — Emily

I love my puffy winter coat, but sometimes I just want something a little classier. I've been coveting this coat for a LONG time! — Sonny

I’ve been coveting these mauve checked Vans since the summer. I keep telling myself I don’t need a fourth pair of Vans, but the soft pastel keeps hitting me right in the heart. — Courtney

Dope Harlequin Leggings by geoffrey-mac


I've wanted some psychedelic leggings for a while now. Life just seems less exciting without them. — Sonny

Black and Gold Pocket Square — Lace Pocket Square


I just think this pocket square is plain beautiful and unlike anything I own — Sonny