Topman: Spring Grunge

Spring means many things: a reprieve from the winter blues, a much needed vacation, or just a sunny walk to and from your obligations.

Now generally speaking, spring photos are consumed with pastels, linens, and preppy aesthetic but I, for one, have grown tired of it.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a good prep look like the rest of you. It's nice and clean and you can almost fool yourself into thinking that spring is bringing you a fresh new start. Prep requires, however, a certain amount of care and preoccupation with being the embodiment of a blooming tulip.

As nice as that sounds at the end of a hard winter of windburn and copious amounts of layers, I'm just not feeling it this spring. Instead, I want to bring back some of the grime and grunge that spring truly brings the fresh cut grass, the running through trails, and finding a good perch to enjoys the singing birds outside my window. I want to bring back the look of relaxation to a more familiar place. 


Growing up, spring meant climbing trees flowing shirts and the eventual sunburn of spending far too much time outside for a fair-skinned kid. These Topman styles really look me back to what I loved and have missed in my adulthood. It even took my father back to his youth as he remembered having a very similar pair of shorts back in the '70s that he adored. We shared a few good laughs over it and noted just how incredibly comfortable they really were. I hope he gets a matching pair now. 


Topman offers a variety of grunge inspired looks to temper your resistance to the facade a of blissful and worry free spring. Whether it be these Dark Grey Stretch Skinny Denim Shorts  or this Blue Floral Print Short Sleeve Casual Shirt and Navy Canvas Slip On Shoes there are countless ways to weave your more relaxed and imperfect spirit into your day to day look without having to entertain inquiries to your mental health or wellbeing. They offer the opportunity to relax in your own imperfect, worn aesthetic and to enjoy the seasons change in unbridled comfort. 


Personally, I'm a big fan of these pieces as the floral print shirt is light enough for a warm spring day without feeling too exposed to the elements. Below I paired it with a Khaki Drop Shoulder Longline Tank Top to add that extra layer of comfort against the still chilled breeze. The Tank Top is easily one of the most comfortable shirts I now own. Expect to see in on my Instagram a ton this spring and summer.


 I know many of you are probably rightly apprehensive about purchasing new clothes online without trying them on and I get it. It's a crap shoot sometimes but Topman's sizes are true to fit. I lean towards a gender neutral medium and had no disappointment in the fit of these medium-sized articles.

Knowing my own struggle with men's pants, however, I did decide to go up a size on these acid-wash like shorts and was happy that I did. Being somewhere between a 34" and a 36" waist, the latter fit as desired and allowed for some enjoyable breathing room as well. 


Maybe floral prints aren't your thing, and quite frankly, I'm down with that. The above Grey and White Block Stripe Short Sleeve Casual Shirt is ideal for a relaxed approach to a serene day of deep breaths and slowed paces. I went with a size small as I like a good open overshirt that fits in all the necessary places without seeming like too much of a smock.

Again, the fabric is light and breathable meaning that your beloved layer look does not put you in danger of overheating and ruining your cool collected aesthetic. Nothing is worse than a sweaty face and sweat-stash when you're really just feeling the chill. 

2013-01-01 00.00.00-881.jpg

All in all, I'm a big fan of Topman's Spring Collection and the countless button-ups, shirts, and shorts this spring and I think you would be too! Why put on a faux put together look when you can be comfortable just being you? Shop the look and tell me what you think!

Always remember, be boldly you.


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