Qweary: How to Exude Queerness through Transmasculinity?

J.P. asked: "I'm a afab transmasc and I desparately want to be a read as a queer guy. Also I'm Black, if that helps. Strangers called me sir a lot. But I feel very weird and icky because I'm not straight and I don't want cis guys feeling like I'm 'one of the guys.' I want to exude queerness through my masculinity. Any tips I should try out?"

I feel very similar. I mostly want to be seen as a gay guy, but it usually doesn't work out that way. We can't completely control how people see us. I find that surrounding myself with people who see me as me helps me survive navigating a world where I'm constantly misgendered.

That being said, we can look to queer style trends for ideas on how to tip off your queerness.

Current happenings I've witnessed around masculine-leaning queer style, both currently and throughout time include: crop tops, glitter, bright make up, overalls, jumpers, fanny packs, bright & bold patterns, power clashing, bright lipstick, mesh, any type of boots — but especially doc martens, platform shoes, all kinds of dapperness, bow ties, hats, big earrings, bandanas, asymmetrical hair cuts, partially shaved heads, and shaved lines/patterns, dyed hair, creative layering, spandex (see Rebirth Garments), loads of feminist, queer, and social justice pins, anything with social justice slogans, collar chains and tips, all types of punk, denim jackets with pieces sewed on, converse, and chokers.

One more tip: Men's blazers are designed with the intention of leaving the bottom button unbuttoned, and this is the one custom I recommend adhering to, regardless of what kind of jacket/blazer you are wearing. 

I highly recommend following dapperQ and bklynboihood for lots of Black masculine of center queer style inspo.

Here is some inspiration!

Via dapperQ
Via dapperQ
Via Posture Mag

Via Posture Mag

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