Style Profile: Kris Harrington

Today Brooklyn based designer Kris Harrington shows us her minimalist “grandpa chic” stylings. 

After earning a degree in Menswear Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kris is founded the Kris Harring Apparel Group and is currently working on her first Capsule Collection of gender neutral evening-wear. You'll see some of her designs in this feature. Kris understands the power of individuality and freedom of expression through personal style and designs around the ethos that "clothing should be made for fit, not gender," examples of which have been featured in the New York Times and NY Magazine Weddings.


Thrifted Vintage Denim Jacket Rip & Repaired by Me / Thrifted Black Sheer Tank Top / IZOD Golf Pants / Calvin Klein Sandals 

Look 2.1.png

Calvin Klein White Tee / Kris Harring Black Trousers / H&M Scarf / Saucony Shoes  

Look 3.1.png

Hanes Grey Sweatshirt / 
Van Heusen Heather Grey Trousers / Doc Martens Boots 


Where did you grow up & where do you live now?

I’m originally from the DMV! More specifically Silver Spring, MD but I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for the past 10 years. On a nice day, you can probably catch me drinking Rose on my stoop in Bed Stuy!

How do you think your friends would define your style?

My friends would describe my style as minimal. I’ve even heard it referred to as “grandpa chic” ...which I will proudly own. I tend to stick to the basics in terms of color and style. Mainly always wearing dark colors, lightweight and sheer fabrics in the summer and a chunky knit sweater in the winter. My focus overall,  when I get dressed, is on ease and versatility. I like my clothes to transition easily, from dressed up to dressed down, since you never know where you’ll end’s NYC. Granted, I spend most evenings in my studio...I always want to be ready to go.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?

My favorite item in my wardrobe is a pair of Kris Harring Custom black wool trousers. They are made of a lightweight twill fabric, that I LOVE. They really have a great drape and the fit is just loose enough that depending on my mood, I can pair them with sneakers or a dress shoe and feel different. Needless to say, I wear them A LOT and should probably make myself some more!

Tip: If you find something you love that fits, buy 2 or 3.

What’s your biggest style challenge?

Very expensive taste! Being a designer though, I’m very particular about the clothes I buy and I am pretty critical of construction and fabrics. It’s part of my job! So if an expensive brand cuts corners on production, I notice and it’s a no from me. My biggest challenge used to be finding clothes to fit my particular style and presentation. I would love a shirt from the men’s section but it’d be too big for my frame. I would love the fabric and style of something from the women’s section but they would put ruffles and extras all over the shirt. Gladly, brands seem to have gotten better with that and I can design my own things now also.

Who’s your style icon?

My style icon is definitely Veronique Nichanian, she’s the head of men’s design at Hermes. She’s my overall life icon because she’s a BOSS in a male dominated field and has been at it for 20+ years. Of course, as head of one of the the most luxurious brands in the industry, her style is undeniable...but style to me is more than clothing. She exudes confidence and I think that’s what I admire most.

Photographer: Darryl Williams  / IG: @the_illmind

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